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DIT Investing Mentioned In The Wall Street Journal

Who should be putting together your portfolio in 2015-a person, a machine or both? It used to be a straightforward job to get help making investments: People sought out financial advisers and weighed them based on the type of fees they charged and how much hand-holding they provided clients

Listen To Founder Robert Laura Discuss Dividend Stability & Oils Stocks on CNBC

Robert Laura, Synergos Financial Group president, likes Chevron due to its dividend stability.


Best Dividend Stocks For Retirement Income In 2015

Heading into 2015 I feel the most important component to a successful investing year is yield. My screening process for dividend stocks and retirement income ( suggests a growing number of companies and sectors of the economy are fully valued and ripe for the inevitable pullback so many people expect in 2015.

Use The Drop In Oil Prices To Boost Retirement Income

Oil's dramatic sell-off comes with good news and bad news. The bad news is that it has put global markets on edge and dampened overall gains for the year. The good news is that the price drop has put some quality, dividend paying companies on sale.

Using Preferred Stocks For Retirement Income

Can't a retiree get a break? It seems as if everywhere they turn they're faced with downright depressing interest rates. Be it with a bank CD, fixed annuity, bond, or even popular dividend funds, it's harder than ever to generate enough income to keep pace with inflation.