Meeting You Where You're At With Your Investments

We have a broad range of investors interested in our software. Some are beginners looking to take better control of their life savings, others are seasoned do-it-yourselfers just looking to add another tool to their research process.

In any event, sometimes people want to talk to a professional. Therefore, we do offer a free 15 minute phone conversation for interested subscribers. We're happy to answer questions as well as help you navigate the software to help you get the best results. You can click here to schedule your call.

In addition to that, we offer two additional services, Portfolio Coaching and Do-It-Together Investing.

Portfolio Coaching

Portfolio coaching is a one-hour, flat fee consultation where we help individual investors as well as financial professionals build (or redesign) their investment holdings for retirement income. During the consultation we will look at and review your current positions (up to 20) and make recommendations based on your risk tolerance, goals, and market conditions. The cost for one-hour of portfolio coaching is $149.00 USD and comes with a money back guarantee. Schedule your *free 15 minute conversation to learn more now.

Do-It-Together investing

Do-It-together investing takes portfolio coaching one step further in that we maintain an ongoing relationship. With our DIT program we will continually review your accounts and make buy, sell, and hold recommendations throughout the year. Things including opportunities to take gains through the use of trailing stop-loss orders, market overweight's to a particular sector, as well as investment ideas based on what's hot and what's not.

The program has become increasingly popular for investors who like to maintain control of their investments but want third party advice. We understand that and see the benefits of working with you instead of just for you. As one of the primary benefits, each investor can opt to follow each and every step we suggest or decide to adjust the recommendation based on their views and beliefs. Either way, you always maintain control and we're here to help you... albeit for a lot less than many services who just buy and hold or feel occasional juggling (some call it rebalancing) is worth a 1.50% annual fee.

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