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The dividend paycheck program is a specialized platform for both individual investors as well as financial professionals. It was developed to create retirement income through the use of dividend paying, individual stocks. The overall goal was to assemble information and resources that investors could use to build portfolios that:

The concept came about after the market crash of 2008-2009. Not only had stocks plummeted but so did interest rates. Prior to the collapse, there were lots of options for retirement income including fixed annuities and FDIC insured CDs that paid 4-5%.

As a result of the collapse, I had to seek alternatives and discovered several things about the way people look at and actually prefer to invest for retirement income:

Combine that with what I learned when I began to analyze and break down all the holdings inside of many popular mutual funds and ETFs. Time and time again, I found many of the same companies showing up. As a result, I began to package those names (individual companies) together for clients. It not only reduced management expenses but I was also surprised by the yields they could generate. Furthermore, the response from clients was invigorating. They really enjoyed the benefits of higher yields, owning companies they were familiar with, and being involved in the process instead of simply being lumped into the latest and greatest set of funds.

From humble beginnings we have continued to step forward. Now we're excited to offer this software tool to both individual investors and professionals. The main difference between the two is that advisors have a couple extra screens and tools they can share with clients and as a result pay a higher annual subscription for it.

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